The GRE in Ghana

The GRE is standard

The GRE in Ghana is not different from the GRE anywhere else because the GRE is a standardized exam which maintains the same format and rules regardless of where it is taken. You can read about the exam itself and other frequently-asked questions for more details. Though the GRE is the same everywhere, there are a few peculiarities having to do with the administration of the test that differs from place to place.

Only passports are valid IDs

In the case of Ghana, it is not possible to use just any ID to identify yourself for the exam. Whereas in other jurisdictions one can use any photo ID like a school ID or a driver’s licence, only passports are recognized in Ghana. Perhaps this unfortunate requirement is due to the fact that the counterfeiting of such documents is too prevalent as to rendering them ineffective in vouching for one’s identity.

There’s only one location for the GRE

Also, there is only one place in Ghana where one can write the exam. This is not as surprising as the ID card issue as there are not as many people taking the exam as to justify the costs involved in maintaining multiple examination centers.

Subject tests are not available

A third difference is that the GRE Subject Tests are not available here. The subject tests measure aptitude in particular subject areas such as Psychology, Computer Scinece, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, etc. This is not a serious impediment to potential applicants though, as most admissions committees would understand the reason for a candidate’s inability to sit for those exams.


All the above not withstanding, we should reiterate the fact that the GRE is a standard exam this is virtually the same everywhere. If you are going to take the exam in Ghana, you are going to be offered the computer-based exam, which is just like someone taking it in New York would have &emdash; the GRE will last just as long and you will get your results instantly.