Preparing for the WASSCE?

Are you in senior high school (SHS) or do you have a student or ward who is? Are you preparing for the WASSCE? We have all you need to adequately prepare for this exam.

Browse, download, and practise with WASSCE Past Questions and Answers from all subject areas. Available subjects include both Core and Elective Mathematics, Integrated Science, English, Social Studies, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Accounting, Business Management, General Knowledge in Art, Geography, Economics, and Business Management. We are still compiling question papers from all the years but there are many question papers to play with.

Download Sample WAEC/WASSCE Past Questions & Answers

2015 May/June WASSCE English Language Paper 1
2015 May/June WASSCE English Language Paper 2
2015 May/June WASSCE Integrated Science Paper 1
2014 Nov/Dec WASSCE Elective Mathematics Paper 1
2014 Nov/Dec WASSCE Elective Mathematics Paper 2

Links for WASSCE Subjects

Core Mathematics
English Language
Elective Biology
Elective Chemistry
Elective Mathematics
Elective Physics
General Knowledge in Art (GKA)
Integrated Science
Social Studies

More WASSCE Resources & Guides

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What is the WASSCE?

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    Wow, a perfect platform. I’m just getting everything here. keep it up. but there few more things i think i can’t find here, and that is Management in Living, Food and Nutrition Wassce and Nov/Dec for the previous years and if possible answers. i will be so glad if you could help me get them. it will guide me through my up-coming sittings. thanks

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    U guys are absolutely in credible.U went that far to help us with past questions answers. Please help with past questions answers in full. Thanks for the excellence in service.

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    pls how can i download general knowledge in art and technical drawing past questions


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