1 2019 June WASSCE Biology Paper 1

1. Which of the following structures will not be found in the nucleus of a cell?
A. Centriole
B. Lysosome
C. Nucleolus

2. An example of organ level of organization is
A. xylem
B. spermatozoon
C. kidney
D. bird

3. A structural similarity between Paramecium and Amoeba is the presence of
A. one gullet
B. two nuclei
C. two contractile vacuoles
D. one food vacuole

4. The classes of plants the root systems in diagrams I and II below represent respectively are

A. Monocotyledoneae and Monocotyledone
B. Dicotyledoneae and Docotyledoneae
C. Monocotyledoneae and Docotyledoneae
D. Docotyledoneae and Monocotyledoneae