1 2015 June WASSCE CRS Paper 1

1. Darkness was not created during creation because
A. the earth was full of water
B. God’s spirit was over the waters
C. darkness was already in existence
D. God wanted to have day and night

2. The two creation stories agree that
A. man and woman were created on the same day
B. creation was carried out by spoken word
C. there was existing land mass before creation
D. created creatures were to be fruitful and multiply

3. Joseph was a good mixer because he
A. was loved and pampered by his father
B. interacted well with his prison inmates
C. rejected Potiphar’s wife’s proposal
D. served diligently in Potiphar’s house

4. “Do you mean to kill me as you killed the Egyptian?” This statement made Moses aware of the fact that
A. some Israelites did not like him
B. God was sending him to Midian
C. Pharaoh was looking for his arrest
D. his killing of an Egyptian was known

5. God made pharaoh to chase and bring the Israelites back to Egypt so that He would
A. show that Moses was his true servant
B. destroy first born males of Egyptians
C. get glory over Pharaoh and his hosts
D. reveal His supernatural powers to the world

6. The minority report of the twelve spies was presented by
A. Caleb and Joshua
B. Palti and Gaddiel
C. Joshua and Ammiel
D. Sethur and Gaddiel

7. Moses asked God for a new leader for Israel so that Israel might
A. have a shepherd
B. conquer the Canaanites
C. own the Promised Land
D. become a great nation

8. Moses before his death served Israel as
A. prophet, liberator and king
B. king, priest and warrior
C. priest, prophet and deliverer
D. strategist, seer and prophet

9. Besides being a true prophetess, Deborah could also be described as a woman of
A. love
B. glory
C. peace
D. charity

10. “Give meat for the priest to roast for he would not accept boiled meat from you but raw.” This request was wrong because in a peace offering,
A. meat with blood was unacceptable
B. juicy meat went to the worshippers
C. the fat were burnt before any distribution
D. priests were entitled to the right thigh

11. Which of the following people destroyed Shiloh and captured the Ark?
A. Ammonites
B. Amalekites
C. Palestinians
D. Philistines

12. Samuel said that the rebellion was as the sin of divination just as stubbornness was as
A. iniquity and idolatry
B. sinful as disobedience
C. iniquity and murder
D. sinful as adultery