3 2018 Regular BECE English Paper 1

From the alternatives lettered A to D, choose the one which most suitably completes each sentence.

1. Salifu was ………. surprised that he could not talk.
A. enough
B. so
C. what
D. which

2. This amount is all ……… I have on me.
A. that
B. this
C. what
D. which

3. I am told the boy is a friend of ……….
A. he
B. him
C. his
D. he’s

4. Rice and beans …… a good meal for children.
A. are
B. have been
C. is
D. is being

5. Yaw is …….clever to be cheated.
A. quite
B. so
C. too
D. very

6. The two rivals are fond of insulting ………
A. each other
B. one another
C. one and the other
D. themselves

7. Of all the pupils in the class, Ekua is ……..
A. prettier
B. prettiest
C. the prettier
D. the prettiest

8. It is high time Adzo ……..home.
A. came
B. comes
C. has come
D. will come

9. You should be ……..more careful about what you say.
A. less
B. least
C. little
D. a little

10. Atsu is looking forward to ……..his friends at the party.
A. see
B. seeing
C. be seeing
D. have seen

11. The harder you study, ……..your chance of success.
A. greater
B. greatest
C. the great
D. the greater

12. If you had asked me, I ………you.
A. will help
B. would help
C. will have helped
D. would have helped

13. I don’t really know what you want, ………I?
A. am
B. aren’t
C. do
D. did

14. I will not walk to school with ……….of the boys.
A. each
B. either
C. everyone
D. neither

15. Jane fell ill ………..measles.
A. at
B. by
C. of
D. with

Choose from the alternatives lettered A to D the one which is nearest in meaning to the underlined word in each sentence.

16. Aminu’s bushy eyebrows gave him a very severe look.
A. bad
B. deadly
C. serious
D. unpleasant

17. My father had the benefit of good education.
A. luck
B. advantage
C. quality
D. value

18. Kwame was too scared to be left alone in the house.
A. afraid
B. anxious
C. uneasy
D. unhappy

19. The new school is ideal for Mr. Mensah’s children.
A. good
B. perfect
C. satisfactory
D. suitable

20. The internet is of enormous benefit to education.
A. enviable
B. great
C. much
D. suitable

In each of the following sentences a group of words has been underlined. Choose from the alternatives lettered A to D the one that best explains the underlined group of words.

21. Afua celebrates her birthday today but I cannot make it. This means that the speaker
A. does not want to be there
B. feels it is not necessary to attend
C. has no birthday gift for her friend
D. will not be able to attend

22. The interview was conducted to separate the sheep from the goats. This means that the interview aimed at
A. finding people who could rear sheep
B. keeping the sheep in a different pen
C. selecting only the humble candidates
D. selecting the best candidates

23. Being the eldest child of the family, Joojo claimed the lion’s share of the father’s property. This means that Joojo had
A. all the property
B. half of the property
C. the best part
D. the largest part

24. The students were all ears during the presentation. This means that the students
A. did not enjoy the presentation
B. had big ears
C. listened attentively
D. were very happy

25. Dallies is the pick of the bunch. This means that Dallies
A. is a farmer
B. is an athlete
C. is preferred to all the others
D. works on a banana plantation

From the list of words lettered A to D, choose the one that is most nearly opposite in meaning to the word underlined in each sentence.

26. The headteacher asked the pupils to disperse.
A. assemble
B. come
C. meet
D. stay

27. The current is slow downhill.
A. abrupt
B. fresh
C. running
D. swift

28. The bread is stale.
A. burnt
B. delicious
C. fresh
D. mouldy

29. Akos has nothing to be boastful of.
A. afraid
B. anxious
C. ashamed
D. nervous

30. The pupils are confident of passing the examination.
A. determined
B. doubtless
C. uncertain
D. uneasy