2 2019 Regular BECE English Paper 2

Paper 2
This paper consists of three parts: A, B and C. Answer three questions in all, one question from Part A and all the questions in Part B and Part C. Answer all the questions in your answer booklet.

Part A
Essay Writing
30 marks
Answer one question only from this part.

Your composition should be about 250 words long.

Credit will be given for clarity of expression and orderly presentation of material.

1. Write a letter to your headteacher discussing two games that should be encouraged among the students in your school.

2. Write an article for publication in your school magazine on why every student should be computer-literate.

3. Write an interesting story which ends with the words, It pays to be kind to strangers.

Part B
30 marks

4. Read the following passage carefully and answer all the questions with follow.

Friends are meant to help each other when the need arises. At school, some people develop friendly relationships which continue throughout their lives. One thing which helps people to stay together as intimate friends is the ability to communicate freely among themselves and endeavour to be each other’s keeper. What destroys friendships mostly is friends being suspicious of each other. That is why a popular adage says, “Suspicion is the bane of friendship”.

People attend school not only because they want to make friends but also to acquired knowledge and skills for employment. Education helps people to be polished in their manners. The school prepares its students to become useful citizens.

At school, Tono was not in the good books of the teachers because he behaved in an unruly manner. Initially, everyone avoided his company; he could be violent at times. Worst of all, he would refuse to do his assignment and was a habitual late comer. With the passage of time, he was subjected to strict discipline. He began to mend his ways and obey teh school’s rules and regulations. He realised the need to work diligently in order to have a bright future. His academic work therefore improved by leaps and bounds.

Fortune separated us. I travelled abroad for further studies. I stayed away for two decades. On my return, I went to my former school for my certificate. There, I met a middle-age gentleman who also came to the office for teh same purpose. I could not recognize him because time had wiped off all memories of school life. However, the names on the certificates revealed that we were classmates.

After further discussions, Tono invited me to be his business partner.

(a) (i) State one thing which helps people to be close.
(ii) How can friendships get destroyed?

(b) Give two reasons why people go to school.

(c) (i) Why did people avoid Tono’s company?
(ii) State Tono’s reason for visiting his former school.

(d) Why did the writer not recognise Tono?

(e) Explain, in your own words, the following expressions as used in the passage:
(i) was not in the good books of the teachers;
(ii) with the passage of time;
(iii) by leaps and bounds.

(f) For each of the following words, give another word or a phrase that means the same, and can fit into the passage:
(i) intimate;
(ii) adage;
(iii) acquire;
(iv) polished;
(v) initially.

Part C
10 marks

Answer all the questions in this part.
Sackey J. A. and Darmani L. (COMP.): The Cockcrow

5. Questions 5(a) to 5(c) are based on teh abridged and simplified version of Charles Dickens’ Oliver Twist.

Charles Dickens: Oliver Twist
“Stop, thief!” he shouted, thinking Oliver had robbed him. The poor boy found himself being chased by people and even dogs! Someone in the crowd, a young man with purpole lips and red sores all over his hands, grabbed Oliver and knocked him down …"
(Page 109)

(a) The one described as a young man with purple lips and red sores all over his hands is

(b) Why did the ‘young man with purple lips and red sores all over his hands’ want to harm Oliver?

(c) How did Mr. Brownlow help Oliver at the end of the story?

Read the following extract carefully and answer Questions 5(d) and 5(e).

Ken Saro-Wiwa: Home Sweet Home

“Born, say, our young Miss has arrived heavily laden with all teh good things of this earth. I should think Dukana will soon float on a sea of wealth.”
(Page 178)

(d) Who is referred to as our young Miss?

(e) The literary device used in heavily laden with all teh good things of the earth is …..

Read the following extract carefully and answer Questions 5(f) and 5(h).

Ama Ata Aidoo: The Dilemma of a Ghost
“X: It was a couble of days ago that we met. What came out of the meeting is that we must come and ask you and your wife what is preventing you from giving your grandmother a great-grandchild before she leaves us.”
(Act 4, Page 66)

(f) The speaker represented by ‘X’ in the extract is …..

(g) According to Ato, what is preventing him and his wife from having children?

(h) The figure of speech that describes she leaves us in the extract is …..

Read the following extract carefully and answer Questions 5(i) and 5(j).

Theresa Ennin: Makola

“Head bent, all around teh upside down pan
Picking her nose, shuffling her feet, oblivious to
the bustle”
(Page 158)

(i) Write one group of words in the extract that brings out the theme of uncleanliness.

(j) The words Heads bent, rags all around the upside down pan appeal to the reader’s sense of …..